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apartments and rooms in lefkada You can find hundreds of rooms to rent all over the island of Lefkada. They are traditional, beautiful and with blooming gardens. They have pools, wifi connection and barbeque and above all they are clean. These are some of the comforts you can enjoy by renting one of these rooms. Our catalogue will help you choose in an easy way from the best rooms available and will provide you with every information that you need for the rooms and the island in general. The suggested lefkada rooms are chosen especially for you and they cover every budget.

In mountainous Lefkada are equally beautiful villages and landscapes that are worth exploring. Villages with a rich history are scattered throughout the island built in wooded areas with beautiful views are some features that make them stand out. Also the big advantage is that the accommodations and the restaurants have very low prices compared to the coastal villages.

Located on the north side of the island and is 12 km from the city. The houses are made of stone such as the streets in the village and are very green. On the main street of the village there is the Kontomichio Folklore museum with artifacts from the daily lives of residents.

It is 14km from Lefkada and is built on a green hillside at an altitude of 500m. A village full of life especially during the summer months with great shops to choose from the famous handmade embroidery that make the women of the village, local produce, cafes and taverns to enjoy local delicacies in the shade of plane trees in the central square. Every year is a great three-day event with great participation, the representation of rustic wedding. Rent lefkas rooms and make your guests feel like home.

lefkada apartmentsLocated southeast of the island and is 23km from the town of Lefkada. It is a hilly village which is not visible from the sea and the reason was to protect the inhabitants from the pirates. There are nice apartments and taverns to choose from.

It is 8 km from the city and is located east of the island. The houses are made of stone and retain the traditional character. In the square there are taverns with good taste and good prices. It is worth to wander in the streets of the village and enjoy the magnificent views offered.

Located in the center of the island and it is the highest village built at an altitude of 750m. A place with lush vegetation and spectacular views of the small islands Skorpios, Meganissi,Skorpidi, Cheloni. It is ideal for walks and wanderings. In vavkeri you can find a variety of lefkada apartments rooms and villas.

It is located southwest of the island, leading to the three most idyllic beaches on the island, Gialos, Porto Katsiki, Egremnous. In the village there is a mill that has been classified as a monument and the church of the Visitation in which there are paintings of Gazi and Sideris two remarkable painters of the island.

lefkada rooms pricesLocated southwest of the island away from the sea. It is a beautiful village with cobblestone streets and houses. Formerly called village under Exanthia and renamed in 1971. It is worth to visit and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Ionian Sea.

Located west of Lefkada in altitude 645m with a stunning view over the bay of Vassiliki. In place of the Cave in 1905 excavations discovered pottery, shells, part clay idols and other thus considered a place of worship. The village is in bold mainland elements and because of rich flora has been designated as a protected area of network Natura 2000.

It is the first mountainous village you will encounter as you head towards Agios Nikitas. Recent years Tsoukalades have acquainted tourism development and every year made new accommodations with all the comforts. Too many tourists prefer to stay in that village, since it is very near the town of Lefkada, within walking distance are top beaches and everything is in very good prices. If you decide to stay on this wonderful village you will find comfortable lefkada rooms studios and apartments .

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